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Forge Research is dedicated to excellence in software engineering. We have a proven track record over a decade of successfully delivering projects at the very leading edge of current technologies. Our specialised customer solutions and products benefit from our ever-evolving distributed framework of software components. With an established reputation for building innovative, robust and complex systems in telecommunications and more traditional IT areas, we are well placed to offer clients advice in the selection of appropriate technologies, system architecture and design.

Forge Research Pty Ltd is part of the Forge Group of private companies.

Pervasive Computing

Contact Chronicle  

Email issues in Corporate Governance are increasing and becoming more urgent. It is more important than ever to keep complete archives and be able to locate specific important items of business email ...
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Authorize is a technology independent authorisation service that allows you to model your real world authorisation needs and enforce them as enterprise wide policies that control access to all participating systems ...
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ESM Specialists  

Forge Research has developed an Enterprise Service Management (ESM) framework for the delivery of end user services based on interaction with large numbers of remote network elements. | More |



Map Intelligence - A single view of the where, when and why of business decisions

Map Intelligence™ is a true integration of Business Intelligence (BI) and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Take advantage of a dashboard's ad hoc power & dynamically generate maps.

Map Intelligence creates interactive mapping applications in real time based on information sent from business dashboards. It tracks the current state of charts, pivots and data result-sets and keeps the mapping display and the dashboard synchronized.

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